• Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their Vision - OneVision!

  • OneVision is a business transformational consulting firm focused on ERP & EPM Solutions.

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  • OneVIsion has helped build several Fortune 500 companies with Strategy to Execution Best Practices!

  • Join the OneVision Consulting Network (OCN) team – the fastest growing professional consulting network for ERP and EPM systems. The consultants that we work with are certified, talented, accomplished, and passionate about helping other organizations to achieve their vision, all while maintaining our SPIRIT.

  • Digital Business Transformation provides digital solutions to help Operating Excellence, Customer Excellence and Backoffice Efficiencies.

    OneVision helps build an IT Transformation, Business Transformation, and Digital Transformation road map to remove technology debt using advanced ERP platforms combined with digital solutions.

  • OneVision assists addressing Business Transformation with an assessment of “People, Process, and Technology” model that fits with your strategy for success.

    OneVision specializes in Merger & Acquisitions Integrations, Enterprise Backoffice Consolidations, and Customer Service excellence.

  • IT Transformation focuses on the foundation for your Business Transformation and Digital Transformation.

    OneVision has a proven methodology for providing an IT assessment that can help ensure your Business Transformation & Digital Transformation strategy is enabled by your IT foundation platform.

  • Our proven AIM (Agile Implementation Methodology) is based on a traditional and solid methodology that has been rigorously tested.

    We are the only firm to claim never having failed an ERP project implementation, and we plan to continue and improve our performance even further.

  • Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) services include a Plan – Build – Run model to help our clients drive business performance by integrating key lead and lag KPIs with easy to use role-based dashboards to achieve our client’s vision.

    We have combined Business Best Practices such as the Balanced Scorecard, Four Disciplines of Execution, and Good to Great to help companies formulate strategy and execution cadence using Role Based Dashboards.

  • Our EPM Planning services include a complete Enterprise Performance Management assessment of how our client’s vision to create a strategy and execution cadence to deliver on their vision.

  • Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) build model follows an Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM).

    After a successful EPM Workshop, we develop Role Based EPM Executive Dashboards in less than 100 days and our clients have seen material results during this time.

  • Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) support services include providing Tier 2 & 3 level support.

    We provide consultants who take minutes, not hours, to solve client opportunities.

  • Our ERP Project Managers have successfully implemented Global ERP & EPM projects with 100,000s of users and millions of project hours.

    We use a proprietary Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM) proven-detail project delivery tool to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

  • We have partnered with the leading Cloud Service partners to provide private and public Cloud & Tier 1 Managed Service solutions.

    We use an ROI Cloud Calculator to determine the best short- and long-term solution for our clients.

  • Management Consulting:

    • Revenue & gross margin improvement consulting
    • Engineering & construction IT and business advisory services
    • HealthCare IT and business advisory services
    • Industrial manufacturing and fabrication process automation consulting
    • HCM (Human Capital Management) consulting
    • Merger and acquisition IT due diligence services
    • COA and financial reporting and consolidation services

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    • IT Due Diligence
    • ERP Consolidation and Carve-Out Planning and Integration Services
    • EPM Consolidation and Carve-Out Planning and Consolidation Services
    • Back Office Integration and Consolidation and Carve-Out Services
    • HR Payroll Integration and Consolidation and Carve-Out Services
    • Financial Reporting Consolidation and Integration and Carve-Out Services

  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction

    • Engineering, Procurement, & Construction
    • Commercial Construction
    • Heavy Highway Construction
    • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
    • General Contractors
    • Industrial Contractors
    • Government DOD, DOE and FEMA Engineering & Construction Firms
    • HomeBuilders & Property Management

  • Industrial Manufacturing/Fabrication

    • Manufacturing & Distribution
    • Inventory Management
    • Industrial Fabrication
    • RFID Services powered by RF SMART

  • Oil & Gas

    • Oil Field Services
    • Downstream Services
    • Upstream Services