IT Advisory Value

Client’s Vision:

Global E&C firm looking to find the right ERP solution for their startup U.S.-based operations and was seeking help to develop an RFI/RFP. The selection would be based on business requirement solutions to address: Financials, HR-Payroll, Billing, Projects, Job Costs, Billing, Procurement and Sub-contract Management.


Enabling the Vision:

  • Developed RFP in 30 days using our ERP Knowledge Library
  • Submitted RFP to top Tier 1 ERP vendors
  • Vetted Tier 1 vendor demonstrations
  • Helped negotiate ERP pricing and Cloud Hosting
  • Developed scorecards for RFP analysis
  • Recommended and selected vendor
  • Drafted ERP implementation plan and estimates


  • Secured an ERP solution that met 90% of their requirements
  • Negotiated a substantially lower cost point solution than originally quoted