Strategy to Execution Value

Client’s Vision:

Nationwide HealthCare provider was seeking to consolidate ERP and EPM systems to drive improved sales and operations performance.


Enabling the Vision:

  • Consolidated 1 ERP to 1 ERP in 9 months for < $5m
  • 500 office locations
  • 1.2B in medicare billing (Billings)
  • Over 100,000 vendors (Supply Chain)
  • 18,000 employees (HCM-Payroll)
  • EMR to ERP integration
  • 12,000 users (Financials, Projects, Expense Manager)
  • EPM operations and sales performance dashboards


  • Reduced overhead by $27m and increased sales revenue by 8% with EPM dashboards
  • Minimized customizations by moving to a more standardized ERP best-practice approach
  • Integrated HCM – ERP for employee onboarding, performance management, benefits
  • Standardized and integrated core business processes across the company
  • Company EPS increased year-over-year since EPM system was implemented