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IT Value in the Boardroom

The “IT cost center” is still a common phrase shared in the executive boardroom of today’s enterprise.  Unfortunately, perceived and real waste created from inefficient IT projects and platforms support this claim in many organizations.  Poor cost control and implementation strategies, along with a long-standing stigma around IT cause many executive teams to react with… Read more »

ERP Selection can be Cloudy

The decision to implement or change ERP platforms is often met with an early question.  Should the company deploy an On-Premise or Cloud based ERP?  The answer is based on a number of factors that include budget, resource expertise, industry and even company culture.  In the end, the selection of the ERP hosting platform can… Read more »

ERP and EPM Integration Unifies Corporate Initiatives

ERP solutions have become a core system for many businesses we serve. Those in the Construction, Engineering and Fabrication industry, or other companies implementing an ERP with a strong emphasis on project management recognize improvements of operations, customer experience, and human capital optimization for completing work. At the same time, these efficiencies may leave a… Read more »

Expand your ERP project with a Digital Business Transformation strategy

Today’s consumer engages with brands and commerce through digital interfaces at a staggering rate. That means it is in the interest of any business, looking to remain relevant, to take digital business transformation seriously. Unfortunately, for all the buzz this term has generated, it is still unclear as to what the digital business transformation represents…. Read more »

ERP Is Going to the Next Level with AI

Businesses that adopted enterprise resource planning software from the beginning have been setting the pace for competition in many industries. That’s because ERP allows you to do more with the resources you have, elevating small companies into powerhouses without requiring the huge infrastructure investments and large workforces that used to be necessary to marshal that… Read more »

Enterprise Performance Management – Not your typical IT project

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) – Not your typical IT project If the IT team is the driving force behind your EPM project, you may want to rethink your approach. Obviously, the role of the IT department is crucially important in an EPM deployment.  When software doesn’t function properly, the entire project is in jeopardy and… Read more »

Successful ERP Projects Avoid These 5 Mistakes

  Technology projects can be a challenge to implement. Many organizations discover that adopting new technologies deal with surprising similarities when implementing software changes within the organization. With this in mind, project success can often be achieved by avoiding a handful of common pitfalls. These dilemmas can manifest in different ways, but all seem to… Read more »

Don’t derail your ERP implementation by avoiding these five mistakes.

  Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for your business can seem like a daunting task. In fact, statistics gathered from CIO magazine indicate that over 20% of ERP implementations fail for one reason or another. If you’re considering a new ERP implementation, be sure to avoid these five critical items to mitigate risks… Read more »

Change for the better – Essential ERP Change Management practices


When it comes to ERP projects, one area in which problems frequently arise is change management. One primary issue is that those who lead the project often fail to place sufficient value on change management. They tend to assume organizations will tell employees to implement the ERP software and will do so without struggle. However,… Read more »