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ERP for Today’s EPC Firm

Today’s EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) firms are extremely complex.  They are fast moving with lingering deadlines, dozens of subcontractors, regulatory constraints and change control at every turn.  They must maintain control of quality, budget and timelines at all times to avoid project failure and potentially put the firm at risk.   With so much at… Read more »

OneVision Founder and Strategic Advisor Named as 2019 CIO Hall of Fame Member

Nov 20, 2019 — OneVision Consulting, an ERP and EPM consulting firm focused on “enabling clients to achieve their vision” proudly announces that their Founder and Chairman, Patrick Thompson has been named to the 2019 CIO Hall of Fame from IDG’s CIO media brand. Patrick currently holds the CIO role for Albemarle, a global specialty… Read more »

Digital Transformation Tools for Success

Digital Transformation requires the right tools to bring a vision to life.  A “toolbox” if you will, that enables the strategy and integrates numerous elements of our digital ecosystem.  While several tools exist in this arena, only a few stand out in the crowd.  The right tools, as any good builder will tell you, can… Read more »

Business success is about discipline

  Discipline eats strategy for lunch.  In the world we live in, and the one we remember from not so long ago, a strong resolve is critical to achieve success.  As businesses big and small are reinventing their strategies to handle an ever-changing landscape, they must plan to endure a lot of change.  Companies that… Read more »

Leading Remotely: Online Presentation

In this video a OneVision partner, Clint Greeson, discusses the challenges and tips for leading remote teams. In the evolving world of work from home, leaders must embrace new techniques to get the most out of their teams and continue to focus on business outcomes. This session supplements our Leading Remotely blog and together they… Read more »

The Vital Component of Your Change Management Plan

  The complexity of organizational change has never been more pronounced than during a time of crisis.  Employees now settling into a work from home climate  have left their business leaders with a unique set of demands to address.  While technology has supported the basic needs to keep many companies afloat, it can only do… Read more »

Leading Remotely

In a matter of weeks, businesses have gone from managing a team in a local office, to managing a team remotely. This is a huge transition, and one that not only requires implementation of the logistics and equipment to be successful, but even more importantly, it requires leaders to transition to truly “leading remotely”. There… Read more »

Managed ERP Services assists with Business Continuity

In a time when organizations big and small are finding new ways to sustain and manage their business, the use and implementation of technology has become paramount.  Without a doubt, businesses are quickly adopting to a changing industry climate.  Remote workers have become the norm overnight, and company processes are shifting to account for the… Read more »

IT Value in the Boardroom “Business Transformation”

  The world of business is an exciting journey.  From the onset of a new-found idea, inspiring entrepreneurs build out a model for success.  The company grows and experiences unprecedented success establishing a recognizable brand to be reckoned with.  Fast forward to current day, and we find the very ingredients that enabled the success of… Read more »

IT Value in the Boardroom “How IT can kill business growth.”

In a race to keep business relevant and optimized, legacy IT can impede business operations.  While IT has no shortage of marketing lingo, “IT Transformation” is not just a new buzz word for the industry. In fact, the lack of modernization of enterprise IT can hold back a high potential business and stunt growth.  IT… Read more »